“Bupkis” hit the screens on Peacock, launching its first episode on May 4, 2023. This comedy-drama, drawing inspiration from Pete Davidson’s life but with a generous dose of fictional flair, quickly found its audience. Imagine a combination of the unadulterated, unrefined spirit of Louis C.K.’s “Louie” and the peculiar, commonplace situations of Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The buzz around the show was so good that, by June 2023, it snagged a green light for a second season.

Cast of Bupkis

Main Characters

  • Pete Davidson rocks the screen playing himself, leading the charge in this semi-autobiographical romp.
  • Edie Falco shines as Amy Davidson, bringing depth and warmth as Pete’s mom.
  • Joe Pesci steps into the shoes of Joe LaRocca, adding his legendary flair to the mix.

Recurring Roles

  • Philip Ettinger lands the role of Evan, Pete’s buddy and manager, navigating the chaos together.
  • Derek Gaines, as Derek, and James Crillz DeSimone, known as Crillz, keep the laughs coming.
  • Bobby Cannavale, the cool Uncle Tommy, and Brad Garrett as “Uncle” Roy add to the family antics.
  • Shane Gillis plays Gilly, with Dave Sirus as Dave, Pete’s circle of friends.
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur, Oona Roche, and Chase Sui Wonders bring life to Lori, Casey Davidson (Pete’s sister), and Nikki (Pete’s girlfriend), respectively.

Stellar Guest Appearances

  • Guest stars galore with Charlie Day playing Dr. Rossi, and Kenan Thompson doubles as a Referee/Barista.
  • Cameos from Sebastian Stan, Rob O’Malley, and Steve Buscemi as Father Mac weave in more layers.
  • Method Man fools around pretending to be a carny, with Jon Stewart and Al Gore playing themselves.
  • The guest list dazzles with names like Cam’ron, J. J. Abrams, and Paul Walter Hauser as Hauser.
  • Jane Curtin as Marie LaRocca, with Machine Gun Kelly and others like Jordan Rock and Chris O’Donnell, add star power.
  • La La Anthony, John Mulaney, Simon Rex, and a host of other familiar faces make memorable appearances.

Unique Appearances

  • Nathan Fillion takes aim as the Gunslinger, with Kevin Corrigan serving as the Bartender.
  • Special mentions include Giulio Gallarotti, Lynne Koplitz, and Stacy Keach as the voice of legal disclaimers.
  • Jadakiss, Eli Manning, and Charlamagne tha God pop up in special roles, with Sunita Mani and Ray Romano bringing their unique charms.
  • David Howard Thornton scares up some fun as Art the Clown, rounding out a diverse and vibrant cast that brings “Bupkis” to life.

Bupkis Episodes Summary

Episode 1: “Magic Moment”

Directed by Jason Orley and penned by Judah Miller, Pete Davidson, and Dave Sirus, this episode kicked off on Peacock and later aired on NBC. Pete returns to his Staten Island roots, moving back in with his mom, only to find his family grappling with tragic news in his absence. Determined to lift spirits, Pete leans on his pals, his network, and his creative spark to navigate through the gloom.

Episode 2: “Do as I Say, Not as I Do”

With Jason Orley at the helm and Pete Davidson and Judah Miller crafting the story, we delve into Pete’s past and present. Following his dad’s death, a young Pete attends his aunt’s wedding, finding solace in Uncle Tommy’s support. Years later, Pete repays the favor, standing by Uncle Tommy when he needs it most.

Episode 3: “Picture”

Directed by Oz Rodriguez and written by Dan Bulla and Pete Davidson, this episode sees Pete fixated on a trolling incident. An online photo posted by a troll sends Pete down a rabbit hole as he attempts to confront the anonymity of the internet, while his mom Amy fights to shield him from his worst impulses.

Episode 4: “Crispytown”

Jason Orley directs another tale by Judah Miller, Pete Davidson, and Dave Sirus. The gang’s road trip to Florida for a gig takes a bizarre turn with the introduction of “Crispy,” an odd jeweler. What follows is a surreal journey that blurs the lines of reality.

Episode 5: “For Your Amusement”

Oz Rodriguez brings to life a script by Judah Miller, Pete Davidson, and Dave Sirus. Pete’s yearning to be a dad finds support only from his mother. A day at the amusement park with a kid offers Pete a taste of fatherhood, as Amy explores every avenue to fulfill her son’s wish.

Episode 6: “ISO”

Directed by Jason Orley, who also co-wrote this episode with Pete Davidson and Judah Miller, Pete finds himself stranded in Canada during Christmas. On set for a war movie, his search for joy in a quaint town leads to an unexpected, hallucinatory celebrity encounter.

Episode 7: “Borgnine”

In this episode, directed and co-written by Jason Orley alongside Pete Davidson and Judah Miller, the side effects of Canadian drugs push Pete to a breaking point, leading to a family fallout. Facing the reality of his actions, Pete decides rehab is the next step, but first, he must confront those he’s wronged.

Episode 8: “Show Me the Way”

Pete’s rehab journey is fraught with challenges, especially when Machine Gun Kelly drops in, tempting him back into old habits. Meanwhile, Pete’s sister Casey faces her graduation without him. Jason Orley directs, with the story penned by Pete Davidson and Judah Miller, wrapping up the season on an introspective note.

“You can watch all the episodes of Bupkis on PeacockTV”

Bupkis Series Development

Pete Davidson, along with Judah Miller and Dave Sirus, announced the series in March 2022. They teamed up to bring the concept to life, with Jason Orley tapped to direct. Davidson not only spearheaded the project but also took on the lead role. Peacock gave the green light to the series in April, signaling the start of an exciting journey.

Casting Highlights

In a casting coup, Edie Falco joined the series in May, stepping into the role of Davidson’s mother. The following month, Joe Pesci, known for his iconic roles, was announced to play Davidson’s grandfather, marking his return to television after nearly four decades since his last starring TV role in “Half Nelson.”

Production Commencement

Filming kicked off around October 2022, with New York serving as the primary backdrop for the series. Peacock teased fans with a first look image featuring Davidson and Pesci, building anticipation for what was to come. The production crew delved into creating the world of “Bupkis” with enthusiasm and dedication.

Guest Appearances

As production progressed, more surprises were in store. In April 2023, it was revealed that David Howard Thornton would make an appearance as Art the Clown, adding another layer of intrigue to the series.

Renewal and Future Prospects

The excitement surrounding the show reached new heights when Peacock announced the renewal for a second season on June 23, 2023. With the groundwork laid and the audience hungry for more, “Bupkis” promised to continue its comedic exploration of Pete Davidson’s world.

Bupkis Released Date

The first season of “Bupkis,” consisting of eight episodes was released on May 4, 2023, exclusively on Peacock. Then, it hit the airwaves on NBC in the United States, making its linear debut in the early hours of June 4, 2023. Up in Canada, viewers got their first taste of the series on May 25, 2023, when it premiered on Showcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who stars in “Bupkis”?

Pete Davidson plays the lead role, alongside Edie Falco and Joe Pesci.

What is “Bupkis” about?

“Bupkis” is a semi-autobiographical comedy-drama inspired by Pete Davidson’s life, blending real-life experiences with fictional elements.

When did “Bupkis” first premiere?

The series premiered on May 4, 2023, on Peacock.

Has “Bupkis” been renewed for a second season?

Yes, “Bupkis” was renewed for a second season in June 2023.

Where was “Bupkis” filmed?

Most of the filming took place in New York.

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