Introducing Geekzilla Radio

Geekzilla Radio, an award-winning talk radio show and podcast that has been broadcasting since 2013. It covers a wide range of topics related to science, technology, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. The show has developed an enthusiastic listener base who enjoy its lighthearted analysis of geeky news and interesting interviews with creators in various media.

History of Geekzilla Radio

Geekzilla Radio’s origins trace back to The Fox Force Five News podcast, where one of the co-hosts, Leticia Lopez, decided to start her own show focusing on science and sci-fi topics.

The newly rebranded Geekzilla podcast launched in 2013 as a solo project, with Leticia hosting and producing the show. In 2015, it evolved into a group chat format, with multiple hosts joining each week to share their nerdy insights on the news.

Over time, Geekzilla Radio has honed its informal, roundtable style, discussing an increasingly broad range of subjects spanning science, science fiction, books, TV shows, movies, gaming, and more.

Who leads Geekzilla Radio?

Geekzilla Radio is hosted by Los Angeles-based podcaster Leticia Lopez, who founded the show. She continues to host each week, leading the lively conversational rants and discussions with a rotating panel of hosts.

Regular co-hosts on Geekzilla Radio include:

  • Matt Raub: An entertainment writer and self-proclaimed “geek culturalist” who met Lopez when he was hosting his own podcast, Geek Vibes Nation.
  • Clarissa Graffeo: A graphic designer and Lopez’s best friend, who frequently offers her artistic insights.

The show also features a wide variety of guests, including authors, actors, producers, scientists, academics, and anyone with an interesting geeky passion or perspective to share.

The Content & Format

Geekzilla Radio typically runs for 60 to 90 minutes and loosely centers around a central theme. This theme sparks lively discussions among the hosts, covering recent news, personal reflections, heated debates, and comedic observations.

The show includes several segments, such as:

  • Geek Cred: Guests discuss what initially sparked their interest in geeky topics, establishing their “geek cred.”
  • Peak Geek: Everyone shares their most emotionally significant “peak geek” moment within a fandom.
  • Main Topic: The hosts engage in a freewheeling discussion related to science, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, or other media.

Throughout their spirited discussions, the Geekzilla team delves into trivia, personal reactions to news, anecdotes, controversies, the latest discoveries, and anything else relatable through a “geek” lens.

The hosts all have a journalistic flair for blending informational tidbits with their emotional perspectives, seamlessly merging comedy and insight. Each brings their own fandom passions to the table, ranging from Star Trek to comic book lore.

Target Audience

Geekzilla Radio proudly caters to the full spectrum of nerd and geek culture. With its informal mix of information and personal stories, the show targets:

  • Sci-fi/fantasy fans
  • Gamers and cosplayers
  • Pop culture enthusiasts
  • Science and technology fans
  • Casual and hardcore fans across media fandoms

Lopez intentionally curates a host team with diversity in backgrounds, ethnicities, and interests to represent geek culture’s full pageantry. The tone tends to resonate best with listeners in their 20s through 40s.

Geekzilla Radio: Impacts & Growth

Since its launch, Geekzilla Radio has seen significant growth and impact within the nerd and geek culture community:

  • 14,000 Twitter followers
  • 13,000 downloads per episode
  • Won the Best Entertainment Podcast award from the Academy of Podcasters Awards in 2018
  • Hosted high-profile guests such as Cassandra Peterson, Alan Tudyk, and Richard Hatch
  • Official podcast coverage at events like San Diego Comic-Con and DragonCon

With its strong following and impressive guest lineup, Geekzilla Radio is poised to continue satisfying pop culture enthusiasts for years to come. The show has successfully carved out a niche, delivering engaging geek discourse across a wide range of topics.

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