How Much Do NFL Refs Make?

NFL players earn large salaries, but have you ever wondered how much NFL referees make? Despite the high stress of their job, referees are paid well. A single mistake could ruin a team’s season, so it’s no surprise that refs earn a substantial paycheck.

Let’s delve into the average salary of an NFL referee and find out who earns the most. Here at Wordle Magazine, we’ll also discuss what it takes to become an NFL referee and how they earn their pay.

NFL Referee Salaries

NFL referees’ salaries often spark discussions due to the intense pressure they face. They must make accurate calls while being scrutinized by everyone. Official salaries have never been disclosed, so we can only estimate how much NFL refs earn.

Experts suggest that the average NFL referee salary was around $205,000 per year in 2022. More experienced refs likely earn more, while new referees could earn less. This estimate includes additional earnings per game. Additionally, NFL refs enjoy perks such as a generous pension plan.

It’s important to note that there are various officiating roles, but we are focusing on referees, who lead the officiating team and make final decisions on calls.

How much do NFL refs make per game?

NFL referees’ per-game earnings vary based on their experience, just like their base salary. According to our findings, referees with less than two years of NFL experience earn around $1,000 per game. Referees with two to five years of experience earn approximately $3,000 per game.

On the other hand, referees with more than five years of experience can earn around $10,000 per game.

Considering the average annual NFL referee salary is $205,000 and there are 17 rounds per regular season, referees earn an average of about $12,000 per game. However, not every referee officiates every round, so these figures are approximate.

Who is the highest-paid NFL referee in history?

Determining the single highest-paid NFL referee is challenging due to undisclosed pay structures and contract details. However, based on available information, Walt Anderson is likely the highest-paid NFL referee in history. By the end of his career in 2019, Anderson reportedly earned $250,000, with a $185,000 base salary, supplemented by additional earnings per game.

Another highly paid referee is Brad Allen, whose salary for the 2020-21 season was estimated at around $250,000. Allen has been officiating NFL games for nearly 10 years.

Here’s a list of NFL referees and their estimated highest salaries based on their years of activity:

NFL Referee Years Active Estimated Highest Salary
Walt Anderson 1996-2019 $250,000
Brad Allen 2014-current $250,000
Craig Wrolstad 2003-current $250,000
Tony Corrente 1995-2021 $230,000
Mark Steinkerchner 1999-2021 $205,000

How Much Do Female NFL Ref Make?

With three female NFL referees now in the league, it’s natural to wonder how much they earn. Sarah Thomas is the most prominent female referee in the NFL. In 2021, Thomas made history as the first woman to officiate a playoff game and the Super Bowl.

In the NFL, referee salaries are based entirely on experience, so being female does not affect a referee’s salary in any way.

How Much do the NFL Refs Get Paid for the Super Bowl?

NFL referees receive higher pay for officiating the Super Bowl, one of the biggest sporting events. The pressure on the officiating team during this game is immense, similar to that experienced by the two teams competing for the Lombardi Trophy.

Estimates suggest that NFL referees make between $30,000 and $50,000 for officiating the Super Bowl, depending on their experience.

How hard is it to become an NFL Referee?

Becoming an NFL referee is a challenging process that requires dedication and a significant amount of training and experience. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

  • Education: NFL referees are expected to have a bachelor’s degree, with many studying sports science or sports management.
  • Officiating Experience: A minimum of 10 years of officiating experience is required, including at least five years of officiating college games.
  • Certifications: Referees gain certifications and qualifications for officiating, which are important for getting noticed and considered for the NFL.
  • College Games: Officiating big college games is crucial for referees to be seen and considered for the NFL.
  • Physical Fitness: While not as physically demanding as playing, officiating requires a good level of physical fitness.
  • Workload: NFL referees can expect to work between 20-30 hours per week, including game time, paperwork, travel, and meetings.

Referee assignments can also impact sports betting, as different referees focus on different aspects of the game. Analyzing referee tendencies can provide insights into team performance and betting strategies.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does an NFL ref get paid in the regular season?

Most estimates put the average NFL referee salary at $205,000 per year, but it varies based on experience.

Do NFL referees get paid per game?

Yes, in addition to their base salary, NFL referees also receive a fixed amount per game.

How much do referees get paid for NFL playoff games?

NFL referees can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 extra for officiating a playoff game, such as a Wild Card round or Championship game.

What do NFL refs do in the offseason?

NFL referees continue to work on their skills through training camps, help coach and mentor their team members, and attend meetings with management to discuss performance and potential rule changes.

What sport has the highest-paid referees?

NBA referees have the highest salaries of any sport, with an average salary of around $375,000 per year. Some elite referees reportedly earn over $500,000 per season.

How many hours do NFL refs work?

NFL referees work around 20-30 hours per week, which includes reporting, meetings, travel, and officiating games, to earn their salary.

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